Imagine NETFLIX but for your PERSONAL GROWTH


Imagine NETFLIX but for your PERSONAL GROWTH

If you are experiencing self-doubt in your relationships, career, performance, health or spirituality & want 24/7 access to David's coaching strategies, then Self-Belief Chief VIP can be your online coaching partner...





Sometimes it feels like friends & family don't understand what we're going through when relationships break down...

Learn how to overcome heartbreak & attract love.


When we're stuck in our career, underpaid and not even enjoying what we do, it starts to impact other areas of our life doesn't it?

Learn how to add real value that businesses appreciate and get paid your true worth.


There are some phases of life where we feel so beaten down, we can't get out of bed...

Learn how to sleep better, have more energy and improve your mind-set.


Learn the secrets used with Business Owners, Olympic Athletes, Traders & other high-performers to overcome self-doubt & achieve your goals.


When life feels aimless & pointless we start to question our purpose...

 Whatever you believe in, learn how to realign with who you are truly meant to be.

What's Included?

  • SBC VIP LIBRARY: 50+ Hours of audio and video content which is always being added to.
  • ACCESS TO NEW PROGRAMMES: Have access to new content for no extra cost that is only provided for VIP members.
  • ​LIVE EVENT FOOTAGE: See David coaching in front of an audience.
  • ​​MEDITATIONS: Listen to audio recordings for relaxation that also helps create a deep meaningful connection with your spirit.
  • ​HYPNOTHERAPY RECORDINGS: Access your subconscious mind to breakthrough limiting Beliefs.
  • ​​24/7 ACCESS: You have coaching strategies at your fingertips in the moments that matter most.
  • ​BONUS - David's Book: Get a free audio copy of David's book, 'Thinking Lies: Learning How To Believe In Yourself'
  • ​CANCEL, RE-ENROLL ANYTIME: Should you wish to end your subscription, or re-enroll, you can do so whenever you like.

What Results Should I Expect?

You will want to know about what outcomes you can expect on your 'Self-Belief Chief VIP'  journey. Here are some words about David:

SELF-BELIEF CHIEF VIP - Cancel Anytime Guarantee

When you start 'Self-Belief Chief VIP' you get full access to the workshops, guided meditations, and coaching strategies. Cancel and re-enroll at any time. 

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