'Thinking Lies: Learning How To Believe In Yourself'

Audio Version

David looks at the ways in which humans can be their own worst enemy so they can overcome self-doubt and attract the best life has to offer.

Whether you want to grow in your relationships, business or performance, Thinking Lies simplifies the complex barriers that prevent us delivering at our peak.

Chapter 1: 
The Words Behind Silence

Chapter 2: 
Love Who Your Are Not Where You Are

Chapter 3: 
Fail Or Fail Your Way To Success

Chapter 4: 
The Knight Who Protects Dreams From Nightmares

Chapter 5: 
Pain Is The Source Of Success

Chapter 6: 
Happiness Starts With A Smile

Chapter 7: 
The 'Do Your Really Want This' Wall

Chapter 8: 
The Two Towers Of The Mind

Chapter 9: 
Your Biggest Fan

"The background to this book is fascinating"

This Is Books And Entertainment

"A snappy, digestible introduction to self-belief and self-actualisation, narrated with David's personal experience and perspective. His exercises are really compelling".

Marisol Sanoa

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